Tips to keep your car in good condition

Tips to keep your car in good condition

We are going to share tips for car maintenance that you can follow to keep your cars in good shape for years down the road. So, read on, and make sure you start following them to keep your prized possession, actually prized.

Check the Cooling System:

An engine’s cooling system helps the car to maintain the ideal temperature and takes excess heat out of the engine. Make sure your car has an adequate level of coolant. You can check this by lifting the hood and looking at the coolant tank. Usually, the coolant will be in a green or orange colored liquid. This prevents the engine from overheating. Remember any damage caused to the engine due to overheating will burn a hole in your pocket.

Check the Air Filter:

Like humans, engines need oxygen to survive. A constant flow of air is a must to keep the engine running. Air filters ensure this by preventing junk particles, road debris, dirt, leaves, etc… from entering the engine. But over time, they accumulate so many particles that stop them from doing their job. Check the air filter and replace them if required.

Check Engine Oil Levels:

Start with your car maintenance routine by doing a follow-up of the things under the hood of your car. Take a medium-long stick and dip it in the engine oil container to check the level of the oil. If the level is too low, make sure to pay a visit to a workshop or mechanic to refill the engine oil. On average, the manufacturers claim that once filled, the engine oil can last for about 15000 km, you should get it changed after every 10000 km so as to keep your car engine healthy and pumping.

Brakes, Belts, Wires, and Batteries:

Brakes, belts, wires, and batteries – all of them are the lifelines of your car. Every few months, open the hood and check all of them. If you use your car daily, then you must do these checks after every 2 or 3 months. If you don’t have much understanding of these parts, you can take your car to a reputed mechanic or a workshop for regular check-ups. Batteries in your car get charged every time your car is out on a ride. However, they get old with time and need replacement. So, get them checked every few years. A manual car gives more mileage than an automatic car. Though by driving a car at an optimum speed for every gear, will be good for your car engine, gears and fuel efficiency. Not driving a car at the required gear and optimum speed combination may give the load to the car engine and may knock the car.

Let’s check the optimum Gear and Speed for the car.

1. Fist gear: generally up to 5Km/Hr. speed.

2. Second gear: Up to 25Km/Hr.

3. Third gear: Up to 40 Km/Hr.

4. Fourth gear: Up to 60 Km/Hr.

5. Fifth gear: Up to 70 Km/Hr.

6. Sixth gear: Above 70 Km/Hr.